Monotype Workshops

On January 22 and 29, 2011, I will be giving one-day monotype workshops at Atelier Circulaire, in Montreal.

Henri Matisse

Monotypes are printed drawings or paintings. An image is drawn or painted directly onto a plate, with printer’s ink, oil paint or water-based paint and transferred onto paper through a press or by hand. The plates may be metal, plastic, glass, wood, lithographic stone, or made of any material that will transfer an image.

Two Marquesans
Paul Gaugin

Whereas traditional printmaking techniques such as woodcut, etching, or lithography, require the carving or chemical fixing of a design in a plate so that the image can be repeatedly inked and printed, monotype does not. This process is meant to yield just one (“mono”) print.

It is hard to pinpoint the origins of monotype, however, artists probably used variations of the technique as early as the first intaglio prints of the fifteenth century.

Edward Degas

A strong interest in monotypes developed in 1968 when Harvard’s Fogg Art Museum exhibited seventy-nine monotypes by Edgar Degas. Many important artists such as Blake, Picasso, Gaugin, Pisarro, Matisse and Chagall have expressed themselves in monotype.

Pablo Picasso

Technically speaking, the monotype is the simplest form of printmaking. It lends itself to spontaneous and experimental image making. Subject matter and treatment, however, can range from traditional to experimental.

Pablo Herrera

I love teaching monotype. Students feel free to try new approaches and enjoy discovering novel effects. An atmosphere play takes over the studio as students, brush, wipe, scratch, roll, or stamp designs onto Styrene (plastic) plates. And invariably oohs and ahs echo as prints get lifted from their plates at the press.

Girls, Girls, Girls
Talleen Hacikyan

Since I try to show many approaches to monotype in six hours, I lead a very structured workshop, where each stage leads naturally and logically into the following. In the morning students start experimenting texture and design by making black and white prints. By the end of the afternoon, they are creating colored prints that incorporate the encollage of fine Japanese paper and other printed elements.

Johanne Weilbrener

Over the past couple of weeks I have been in monotype mode, playing at the press, experimenting with different techniques, inks, papers, and plates. It was great joy to get my hands dirty, yet another time. Now I’m trying different emollient oils and creams to rejuvenate my eternally dry hands. I even tried bear oil! Twenty-five plus years of printmaking takes a toll on hand maintenance. Tonight I start using glycerine, a convenient substance since I always have a bottle handy, to mix into the water-based ink that I use for hand printed monotypes!

Information on the monotype workshop


All images in this blog are monotypes.

Talleen Hacikyan

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