Paper Dresses

In the beginning there was….recycled newspaper!

I’m working on a series of papier mâché dresses to complement my series of large format collagraph dresses. I’ve always loved the papier mâché process, from ripping newspapers into strips, to mixing wallpaper paste, to layering my work in progress with wet and dry pieces of paper. There is something soothing, almost meditative, that is intrinsic to the technique. As a printmaker, I have an affinity for paper, in all its forms and expressions.

Working at Atelier Circulaire

Women wear dresses to work, to dance, to marry, to mourn, to seduce, to celebrate.
I use the dress in my work as a means of revealing facets of womanhood. I am interested in the interaction between the inner and outer selves. My dresses embody aspects of essential being that women consciously or unconsciously reveal to the outside world.

Work in progress

In Building Blocks the sculpted dress-body is covered with shredded strips of my personal journal and strips of Japanese paper printed with children’s blocks. The mumbo-jumbo of indecipherable messages creates a discrepancy between the genuine self and the presented self. Personal reflections become adornment. These pieces explore the act of “dressing up” inner thoughts and desires.

Building Blocks, paper, wire, shredded diary, handprinted Japanese paper,
80 x 37 cm, 2010

I am presently completing several dress sculptures. This playful yet demanding act is accompanied by another activity that requires its own set of skills–finding a home for my work in a gallery. With each new application in the mail, I have the impression that you, the rest of my dear public and I are getting a step closer to seeing this ensemble of work in a majestic space with prisitne white walls, a beautifully varnished hardwood floor, a shower of natural light and a visionary gallery director who will promote my work!

Talleen Hacikyan

Photo of me at work: Nicole Milette
Photo of Building Blocks: Daniel Roussel

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