Lecturing at La Maison Valois

On May 6, I gave an artist’s talk at La Maison Valois in Vaudreuil-Dorion. I enjoyed spending some quality time in this charming historical building. Built in 1796, in fur trading territory, the house was bought by the city of Dorion in 1970. Today La Maison Valois is a cultural centre.


My presentation was part of l’Oeil Ravi’s series of artist’s lectures, organized by Annouchka Gravel Galouchko and Stéphan Daigle. It was an occasion to present my work to a new audience from the region, composed of artists and the general public.


I started the first half of my presentation by showing some original woodcut prints, created in 1985, when I joined Atelier Circulaire. I followed this with a projection of prints from the past nine years.


When I paused the projection midway for a question period, I was pleased to interact with this inquisitive and expressive crowd. There were many technical questions, from artists and non-artists. I continued the projection with step by step photos of me printing at my studio and finished with images my current dress series.


The coffee break was a perfect opportunity for everyone to view the exhibit of my prints and to peruse the table of artist’s books and the display of prints next to their plates. There was a warm feeling in the Maison Valois. People approached me and expressed genuine gratitude.


For the second part of my talk I filled in the missing links between my first woodcuts and the projected work. I showed original prints that represent important periods of my work, commenting on influences, how one stage influenced the next and recurring themes. The audience, alive as ever, asked questions and made perceptive comments that kept me on my toes and giving them more until 10:00 p.m.


It is always interesting to present my work. Each experience reminds me of the undeniable fact that printmaking solicits technical curiosity. People want to know how– how long, what paper, what glue, what wood, what tools, what press. My mother, who was in the audience, remarked the next day, that to hear some of the questions, you’d think that the inquirers were at work in front of a press!


I appreciated sharing thoughts about my art with this audience, in this adorable house with yellow shutters, on the shore of Lake of Two Mountains. Driving home through the night, in my car packed with frames, waiting for the green light at the corner of St. Charles and Adèle in Vaudreuil, my husband excitedly pointed out my name flashing on an electronic board, announcing my lecture. I smiled and thought to myself, “Done!”

Talleen Hacikyan


2 Réponses à “Lecturing at La Maison Valois”

  • Sorry I couldn’t make it. Sounds like a great evening. Nothing like an interested audience.

  • That’s O.K. Karin, there will always be a next time. It was a great audience. One woman registered for the collagraphy class I am giving now!

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