Autour d’Icare: linogravures

Autour d’Icare: linogravures
Atelier Circulaire
June 3 to 23, 2011

Deborah Wood, Talleen Hacikyan, Angelikno, Rolande Pelletier,
Michel Lancelot, et en avant, René Donais.

Autour d’Icare is an exhibit of twenty-eight linocut prints by six artists on the theme of Icarus. All the work has been printed in black, creating a classic look that enhances the graphic quality of linocut printing.

Angelikno, René Donais, Talleen Hacikyan,
Michel Lancelot, Rolande Pelletier, Deborah Wood
La chute d’Icare, linocut print, 213 x 107 cm, 2011

The pièce de résistance is La Chute d’Icare, a large format collaborative work by Angelikno, René Donais, Talleen Hacikyan, Michel Lancelot, Rolande Pelletier and Deborah Wood. The creative process that led to La chute d’Icare is unique. Once the artists decided on portraying a life-size Icarus, Talleen struck the pose of the Greek mythological character falling through the sky. The other artists traced her silhouette onto paper, perfected the sketch freehand and transferred it onto the linoleum plate. This plate was cut into twelve equal pieces. Each artist was assigned two plates randomly, to engrave on their own. Once the plates were assembled, the artists completed their pieces according to the whole work. The resulting print is exhibited next to the engraved linoleum plate, where one can appreciate intricate lines and textures.

The linocut printing technique was first used by the artists of Die Brücke in Germany between 1905 and 1913, where it had been used for wallpaper printing. Picasso and Matisse made many linocuts and helped establish the technique as a professional print medium.

Autour d’Icare at Atelier Circualire

Each artist in this show exhibits a series of prints. Individual identities are given free reign here and these works echo the artists’ contributions to La chute d’Icare. Six artists offer six visions of the Greek myth about Icarus’s failed attempt to escape from Crete by means of wings crafted by his father Daedalus.

Rolande Pelletier, Chute d’Icare I, linocut print, 38 x 28 cm, 2011

Rolande Pelletier plays with a purified style that marries abstract and figurative expression. In Chute d’Icare I, the perched bird, is a reference to Bruegel’s painting on the same theme.

René Donnais, Le bras d’Icare, Linocut print, 2011

René Donais’s Le bras d’Icare, where birds try to escape from the flesh of the forearm, confirms the artist’s fascination for anatomy. Better known as an intaglio artist, René created his first linocuts for this project.

Angelikno, Installation: linocut prints on wood panels,
Icare tombe… et se relève, 2011

Angelikno presents an installation of linocuts on wood panels. She selected sections from her plates in La chute d’Icare. The decomposition and rearranging of imagery create a visual code for new interpretations of the theme.

Autour d’Icare: linogravures icarus
Talleen Hacikyan, Incoming, Circling, Allegory, Relinquishing, Unworldly, Sunward, linocut prints, 19 x 19 cm each, 2011

Talleen Hacikyan presents a series of six mini prints, executed in the tradition of hand-drawn typography. Icarus’s body spells out the story of his fate while spelling out his name, as if to affirm his existence or to preserve his identity.

Michel Lancelot, Icarus Paris, relief, collage, embossing, 56 x 76 cm, 2011
René Donais, La mère d’Icare, linocut print, 76 x 56 cm, 2011
Michel Lancelot, Icarus Montréal, relief, collage, embossing, 76 x 56 cm, 2011

Michel Lancelot in Icarus Paris and Icarus Montreal, introduces touches of color to the show with maps of the respective cities, forming Icarus’s wings. The maps transpose the mythical character, suggesting the universal and timeless relevance of his story.

Deborah Wood, Chute d’Icare, Linocut print, 64 x 38 cm, 2011

In Deborah Wood’s Chute d’Icare, Icarus is portrayed during his fatal fall. The juxtaposition of the figure with the background also suggests birth or perhaps rebirth.

Autour d’Icare is a rare opportunity to see a show devoted to the linocut and to witness a remarkable artistic collaboration.

Talleen Hacikyan
Coordinator of the Autour d’Icare project

Atelier Circulaire
5445 Avenue de Gaspé, espace 503
Montreal, QC H2T 3B2
(514) 272-5413

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