Icare 6 at l’Usine C

The sun is in full force in Montreal and Icarus has stars in his eyes. From August 16 to October 15, 2011, Icare 6 will be exhibited at l’Usine C. This show, featuring linocut prints by René Donais, Talleen Hacikyan, Michel Lancelot, Noémie Lesquins Rolande Pelletier and Deborah Wood, will inaugurate the new cultural season. Autour d’Icare, the original edition of this exhibit, was first presented at Atelier Circulaire in June 2011. The six artists will present an exciting, expanded version of this show with new works created specifically for l’Usine C.

l’Usine C

L’Usine C, founded in 1995 by Carbone 14, is a centre for the creation and diffusion of multidisciplinary contemporary arts. It is located in the heart of Montreal’s Centre-South neighborhood, in what used to be the old Raymond factory. The architecture features many of the original elements such as cement columns and ceilings while skillfully integrating them with new materials such as glass, steel, metal and wood. The building itself is worth a visit.

Clockwise: Rolande, Talleen, René, Michel, Deborah, Noémie

A couple of weeks ago, during the height of the heat wave, the artists met at Atelier Circulaire to make a new print of our large collective linocut. This enormous plate, originally intended to be printed by steamroller, is a challenge to print by hand. My fellow artists used tablespoons to transfer the ink onto the paper, while I used a metal soap, that works like a dream, without breaking your fingers in the process. We printed onto Kuzuke, a thin Japanese paper that we glued onto Arches.

Printing with a metal soap

Come September 6, we will celebrate the fruit of our efforts at a vernissage in this unique theatre centre, the atmosphere of which has been compared to venues in Soho and Berlin. Hope to see you there, Montreal that is.

Icare 6
Vernissage : Tuesday, September 6, 2011, 5:30-8:30 p.m.


Talleen Hacikyan

Photo #2 by Josée Charbonneau
Photo #3 by Deborah Wood
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