Icare, Icarus and Icaro

I am presenting thirteen linocut prints in ICARE 6, a group exhibition at l’Usine C, in Montreal. This show features René Donais, Talleen Hacikyan, Michel Lancelot, Noémie Lesquins, Roland Pelletier and Deborah Wood. The stellar piece of the show is La chute d’Icare, a collective linocut, measuring close to seven by four feet. Each artist also presents prints inspired by the myth of the fall of Icarus.

Incoming, Circling, Allegory, Relinquishing, Unworldly, Sunward, linocut, 19 x 19 cm each, 2011

Icarus Series

After working on the large collective linocut, I wanted to make miniature prints. The small square format inspired letters. In this series, Icarus spells out his name with his body while narrating his story. This choreography of letters, like a graffiti writer’s tag, affirms identity and perpetuity.

Incognito, Celestial, Auberge, Ricochet, Oblivion, linocut, 38 x 28 cm each, 2011

Icaro Series

I created the Icaro series specifically for the ICARE 6 exhibition at l’Usine C. The Italian and Spanish name Icaro has an operatic ring to it that I found suitable for l’Usine C. I was also attracted to the graphic possibilities of the letter O, that inspired a lifesaver for Icarus. Other letters are formed with trees, the moon and the sea. These elements act as props on a stage for lyrical, dream-like scenes that contrast with the tone of the myth of Icarus.

I fell in love with printmaking in Monique Carbonneau’s relief printing class at Université du Québec à Montréal. When I graduated in 1985, I joined Atelier Circulaire, where I continued making woodcut prints for two years before exploring other print techniques and focusing on collagraphy. The ICARE 6 project let me reconnect with relief printing, my first passion.

ICARE 6 continues at l’Usine C until October 15, 2011.

Talleen Hacikyan


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