Manuel Lau’s Época and Era

From September 22 to October 22, 2011, Han Art presents Manuel Lau’s Época & Era, the artist’s latest series of oil paintings.

Época & Era grasps your soul, absorbs your dreams, stirs your questions, mirrors your heart. It juxtaposes pieces of life, gleaned from the collective unconscious, spiced with the artist’s personal impressions.

Época V, Oil on canvas mounted on board, 60 x 48 inches, 2011

The paintings in Época are like game boards, with no start or finish, waiting for players to remix human and animal heads, with fish, gloves, bowls, umbrellas and knives, creating multiple scenarios with open endings. These elements interact quietly on the canvas, creating a brew of potent emotion. Like hieroglyphic characters, these symbols spell out messages, albeit subliminal, subject to interpretation.The repetition of certain forms such as the primitive human profile, becomes a mantra, creating a sense of harmony.

Era V, Oil on canvas mounted on board, 48 x 60 inches, 2011

In the Era series aquatic creatures float amongst vegetables and organic forms captured at different stages of gestation. Again, these paintings suggest possibilities of how life may develop. In Era V fish, bottles and heads are depicted on a textured surface, reminiscent of parchment. Like continents on an ancient map, these elements entice us to explore and discover. In Era XI a red chair, surrounded by radiant color, beckons us. It could be one of those paint-speckled chairs that one finds in artists’ studios. Perhaps it personifies the artist himself, reflecting on his paintings, deciphering their cryptic messages. The chair invites us into Lau’s world and entices us to bask in its warmth.

Época I, Oil on canvas mounted on board, 48 x 60 inches, 2011

Época & Era is an opportunity to step into the imagination of a constantly evolving artist. Manuel Lau comes from a successful graphic arts background. This exhibition, entirely dedicated to painting, marks his commitment to painting. It offers the promise of an era of treasures to come.

Talleen Hacikyan

4209 rue Ste-Catherine Ouest
Westmount, Québec, Canada H3Z 1P6

An exhibition catalogue is available.

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