Atelier Circulaire: 8 Portraits

It was Open House at Atelier Circulaire on September 28 and 29 in celebration of Journées de la culture.  Members were on hand to interact with the public, give demos and transmit the spirit of Atelier Circulaire.  In between my informal PR raps about the merits of collagraphy and monotype to visitors, I conducted some mini interviews with artists.  The atmosphere was conducive.  Everyone was probing artists with questions so armed with notepad, pen and camera, I hopped onto the bandwagon.

Atelier Circulaire: 8 Portraits deb

Deborah Wood

Member since 2006.

Lithography, relief printing, etching.

Works in brewing industry.  Sales rep, international beer judge.  Artist.


Likes best about Atelier Circulaire: 

The big stones, the big presses, the 24-hour access.


Influence of Atelier Circulaire:

Being part of a creative group that lets me develop my work.  The Icarus project where six artists created a 6 x 3 foot linocut is a wonderful example of a creative collaboration at Atelier Circulaire.



An artist went to New York and brought her the hot pink pin on her smock.  That artist was me.  The pin reads,  “Lithographers do it on rocks.”




Michel Lancelot

Member since 1996.

Monotypes, collage, prints on posters, old books, billboards.

Retired college professor.  Full time artist.


Likes best about Atelier Circulaire:

The variety of work, solid technical competences of artists, that you do your own personal work while functioning in a group.


Influence of Atelier Circulaire:

In the beginning he explored each printmaking technique.  After a “tour of the garden,”  he began mixing techniques and media.



He had a traveling exhibition of engraved car hoods.




Solange Brodeur

Member since 2008.

Manière noire, monotype, collagraphy, lithography, soft ground etching.

Full time artist.


Likes best about Atelier Circulaire:

The spirit of exploration, the atmosphere.


Influence of Atelier Circulaire:

Felt at home from the start, acquired confidence in her work.  In my collagraph class I  urged her to submit one of her prints to our annual Christmas show.  She remembers my words, “You have a good chance.”



Before knowing him, she discovered François-Xavier Marange’s paintings at Galerie Simon Blais and was mesmerized by his art.   Years later she found herself in his studio during an Open House and bought one of his prints.  Some months ago she had the pleasure of meeting him at our studio and finally exchanging words.




René Donais

Member since 1998.

Burin, manière noire, etching, linocut and silkscreen.

Full time artist.


Likes best about Atelier Circulaire:

Infrastructure, presses, good artists with whom he can exchange information.


Influence of Atelier Circulaire:

Provides access to techniques that let him explore his imagination and his passion for printmaking.  Likes engraving, leaving traces that oscillate between violence and delicacy.



Found ladies underwear in the hall.  In the hall?  Once in the hall and once in the drying room.  What were they doing in the drying room?  Maybe they were wet!





Paule Mainguy

Member since 2001

Etching studio manager, full time printer, educator.


Likes best about Atelier Circulaire:

Pleasant easy going atmosphere, light, people, equipment, conducive to concentrated work.


Reflection about Atelier Circulaire:

An important turning point in the history of Atelier Circulaire was when we united the etching studio with the lithography studio, instead of housing them in two separate buildings as we used to have it.  This created conviviality.




Carlos Calado

Member since 2003

Lithography studio manager, educator, printer and artist.


Likes best about Atelier Circulaire:

We all give and each of us feel as if we belong.  Exchanges and open communication  that let accidents turn into successes.



One morning a colossal offset press had disappeared from the studio.  It belonged to an artist, who decided to sell it without prior notice.  The administration had just invested a large sum of money to have it transported to the studio.  It happened to fit into the freight elevator.  At that point, as litho manager, he decided that the studio would no longer house privately owned presses. 90% of our problems were solved.




Nicole Milette

Member since 1993

Stone lithography, waterless lithography, dry point

Part-time drawing teacher at UQAM School of Design and artist.


Likes best about Atelier Circulaire:

Solitude within the group.  Similar in feeling to when she explored Venice without a map–you can get lost with the knowledge that you can always find yourself back.


Influence of Atelier Circulaire:

Training, support of Paule and Carlos, and affinities with certain members helped her grow as an artist and be more active in her field.



Reuniting with artist Denis Malo, with whom she had studied silkscreen at UQAM, who became a member at the studio after visiting a print show organized by Rolande Pelletier.  Denis, Rolande and Nicole used to teach together at Collège du Vieux-Montréal so it is special to be working in the same printshop today.




Jacinthe Tetrault

Member since 1986

Collagraphy, monotype, digital printing, photography.

Educator, art rep technician, artist.


Likes best about Atelier Circulaire:

Quality of the equipment, space, light.  Can work in isolation or with the group.


Influence of Atelier Circulaire:

Good equipment gives positive results.  Atelier Circulaire opened the doors to her and to two other artists in 1985, to work free of charge on an artists’ book.  This welcome paved the way to loyal membership.


Reflection about Atelier Circulaire:

Fascinated by Atelier Circulaire’s evolution. In the beginning the studio was good, it passed through some rough times and now it has become adult, and is great.


Talleen Hacikyan

Photos by Talleen Hacikyan

Merci à tous les artistes pour avoir participé.




























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