Recent Monotypes in Val-David

Atelier de l’Île, in Val-David, Quebec,  is presenting my solo exhibition Monotypes récents, from October 1 to 24, 2013.


Recent Monotypes in Val-David invite

I was introduced to the monotype technique by Hannelore Storm, in my first printmaking class at l’Université du Québec à Montréal, thirty years ago. It is a medium I gravitate to  constantly and practice with great pleasure.  Often I use the technique to spur new ideas and approaches.  I might make a series of monotypes as an interval during a complex collagraphy project.  Or I may experiment with new inks, tools or methods, with a view to enriching my teaching repertoire. In either case, I am drawn to the intuitive process inherent to the monotype process.



Talleen Hacikyan, detail from Cat Tales, monotype, rolled layers and stencils.


I work in layers, building the surface with opaque and transparent color. I usually work on several images simultaneously, taking advantage of ghost or second impressions from the same inking, allowing me to play with different tonal expressions of the same image.

Monotypes récents, my first exhibition entirely dedicated to the monotype, presents  nineteen pieces.



Talleen Hacikyan, Traces de toi, monotype.


I originally created the Baisers series for the exhibition Le Baiser organized by Atelier de l’Île in 2013.  These prints were made with rolled layers of ink and stencils made of impressions of my lips.



Dual Torso series at Atelier de l'Île.


In the Dual Torso series, the stylized female figure is represented in diptychs. Each pair of torsos expresses a duality where the figures echo each other.



Talleen Hacikyan, Coqs nocturnes, monotype.



Cat and Rooster series with the original animal cut out stencils.


The Cat and Rooster series were made with stencils and rollers that I fabricated with wooden dowels and adhesive foam animals.  The toy forms and the rolling process let me adopt a playful approach that suggests poetic narratives.



Talleen Hacikyan, Wavy Journey, monotype.


Also included is an earlier series of monotypes made with encollage of painted elements, on the theme of home.


Talleen Hacikyan

Monotypes récents

October 1-24, 2013

Vernissage Saturday October 12 at 2:00 p.m.

Atelier de l’Île

1289 rue J.B. Dufresne

Val-David, Quebec

819 322-6359




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