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  • Delightful piece, Talleen! Thanks for giving me a heads-up to the blog: I’ve bookmarked it and will consult it frequently! Ed

  • How fun is this! I could picture your mom throughout your story… she always came across as such a free spirit and I envied you that! I’ll check in frequently to get a « warm fuzzy! » I love you. Rabs

  • Brigitte Chabert H

    Bravo, Talleen, I enjoyed every bit of your blogs. They are lively, well written,interesting and read like a river of honey. I really love your style and your soft touch in all your descriptions. For sure I’ll make a point to follow up carefully the next ones.Love.


  • Talleen,

    J’admire votre discipline d’écriture et de vie.
    J’ai vu votre poney avec un spirographe au tour de son cou.
    Il regarde le canard rouge au corps tatué de fleurs,
    evoluer en silence dans l’eau de l’étang du trou d’une botte
    Un panda aux yeux blues-noir-jaunes fait son auto-portrait, avec des crayoles aux couleurs des popsy-cools. Il est zen et sagecomme un canard qui nage.
    Keep doing well.
    Ne lachez pas, vous dessinez et vous écrivez bien.


  • is Rabs right?

  • What a beautiful surprise !

    It was just a few minutes ago and I was so impressed by your artistic talents once again. This lovely and organized end product is an accomplishment in itself, let alone each individual detail. I read in diagonal your souvenirs dating back to your childhood years in St. Jean and how your talent might connect with that which you saw in your Mom.

    I will give each section my full attention as soon as I get a chance. Then I will write more comments.

    Thanks for exposing this rich and telling work in such a wonderful way.

    Kisses, Mary

  • Daniel Sylvestre

    Quelle belle surprise, j’appréciais déjà ton travail et là j’en perçois toute la richesse. Bravo.

  • Chabert Marie France

    Dear Talleen
    After reading your book of postcards I was prepared to discover beautiful and witty lines if they were signed by you. And that is it ! The red saloon boots, the soaps made of coconut butter, les bidons de lait, c’est vraiment pittoresque.
    But I do not know a thing about spirographs ! Will you teach me ? A bientôt Talleen.
    Je lirai la suite ce soir
    Bonne fête de la musique !!!!!

  • Dear Talleen,
    Amazing to get up close to the inspiration and expression of an artist. I have known you for a long time but never realized the breadth of your talent. Seeing the work of your young students is very satisfying and the blog diaries are wonderful–thank you for sharing them.

  • I loved Brigitte’s comment… your stories read « like a river of honey. » I couldn’t have said it better! Love you, Rabs

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