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  • Tu es tellement vivante, tu vas réveiller les morts! Brava!

  • Jacinthe Tétrault

    Allo Talleen

    C’est vraiment l’fun de faire ce parcours en ta compagnie.
    C’est superbe ! ton cheminement, ton travail, le site, le blog.
    Au plaisir,

  • paris described through your words and through pablo’s eyes once again makes me want to be there–except for the mice he seems to see everywhere. thank goodness, i did not see any myself! I love your big city vs small tables. it is so true. do yu now that they have a way of expanding the table surface by going vertical? i saw it last spring when we were having lunch at la rotonde. they put a metal stand in the middle of the table with a kind of a platform on it, which almost doubles the table surface. c’est vraiment geniale!
    keep up the good work, looking forward to your next blog.

  • Brigitte Chabert H

    Bravo Pablo ! There are not only mice in Paris, you could also spot an elegant pigeon, with refined red boots and a cute coat! Anyone dare say Paris is the city of careless dogs and dirty sidewalks ! It’s up to the beholder to focus his eyes on the unexpected beauty surrounding him or her.

    Super Talleen, I could live your experiences in my beloved city.


  • Hola Tallen, super blog.
    J’ai bien aime le comentaire de la vache qui rit,a Frank cet morceaux de fromage le rappel de vacances en famille en R.D.
    Pablo SUPERBE travail BRAVO !!!


  • It sure made me hungry, but it was not for cream of wheat! I know you were never fond of chocolate, but I am.

  • Revisiting your blog was very much worth it. I got fascinated with the way you presented the eggplants. I said to myself there is certainly more to eggplants than the delicious taste of ‘imam bayildi’ and ‘karniyarik’ !

    But then I was captivated by Pablo’s creative art. I was impressed and very moved by all that you wrote and showed us about Pablo. As you describe, it’s not difficult to see how joyously he explores the world in and around him. I am referring him to everyone in our family for them to see what Pablo can do !



  • Hola, love them « NUEVOCLIMAT » houses with thin walls, permitting the surroundings to breathe freely within.

  • Talleen, so much talent! Thank you for sharing you knowledge of Alain and Agathe’s important work. At Vive la Gravure’s recent exhibition, a strong point was made that traditional printing is only possible because of specialists like them. We are so lucky that Atelier Circulaire is surrounded by so many good artists/specialists.
    I will keep reading you, every single word is worth it.

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